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IREU offers unbeatable research work to enable the development of long-lasting expertise that shapes both business practise and pedagogy. We firmly believe in the importance of research and hence our conscious step towards setting up various centers for research to ensure the seamless execution of research findings and reports

IREU Faculty

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Dr. M M. Bagali

Dean, Admin, Management Head at various B-Schools, takes on the role and responsibility. The core expertise is expressed in teaching and research in HR and HRM, HRD and Core Management-Leadership analysis. With post-doctoral experience, based in Bengaluru, In higher education over 24 years.
Worked on 2 doctorates to my credit; 15 doctorates have been awarded under my guidance; 11 M.Phil has been awarded; 150 research papers and famous writings. A Research Journal Representation-Member, Editorial Advisory Committee and University Pan-India PhD thesis Examiner. Honoured to be a 'Group of Research Practitioners,' a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory committee, an opt-in research community of business professionals.”

Credentials: /

  • PhD guide, Dean-Director-Head of Management program
  • First Postion to the department in PG-PMIR course
  • Securing 7th rank to the University
  • APO-NCP alumni, and UKIERI-AICTE trained Education leader
  • Ten Global HRM certification from CAMI-USA and AHRB-India
  • Holding 1st PhD work in Labour Related area; with Studentship from University
  • Second PhD in Management in Human Resource Management area
  • Published 150+ popular writings and research papers
  • Awarded and honoured with the Annual Best Research Paper Publication of 2001 by ISTD
  • Completed Major ICSSR/AICTE research project, as part of PD work
  • AICTE Career Awardee for Young Teacher recognition
  • 15 PhD work awarded under his supervision, 11 M.Phil. awards, 800+ Master Thesis work observation and examiner